1000d PVC Coated Tarpaulin

1000d PVC Coated Tarpaulin

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1000D*1000D 30*30 900GSM

50 Meter Rolls

Product Description


  1. High tensile strength, high tearing strength, high peeling strength.
  2. Flame retardant, UV-protection, anti-mildew, cold resistance are available as requests.
  3. Lower construction and management cost than other building types.
  4. Easy installation and good connection (short installation period, easy to connect with other buildings in any situation and different terrains).
  5. Width from 3m -3.20m.
  6. Durable for 10years under normal usage.


  1. Outdoor pavilion, exhibitions, news center, passenger security rest.
  2. Tent cover, truck cover.
  3. Temporary warehouse.
  4. Sunshade shed, rain canopy and other various temporary activities.
  5. Inflatable products material.
data sheet


Item Value Unit Test Method
Fabric (high tenacity yarns) 100% PES 1100D tex DIN EN ISO2060 DIN EN ISO2060
Construction 30 x 30 Weaving 30 x 30 Inches DIN60001
Total Weight 900 gsm DIN53352 BS3424 method5A
Weight of Fabric 260 gsm DIN53352 BS3424method5B
Weight of PVC Coating 640 gsm DIN53352 BS3424 method5B
Breaking Strength Warp: 4500 N/5CM DIN53354 BS3424method6A
Weft: 4500
Tear Strength Warp: 500 N/5CM DIN53356 BS3424method7A
Weft: 500
Adhesion 100 N DIN53357 BS3425 method9B
Suitable Temperature -30 +70 DIN53357 BS3425 method10
Lacquiring Lacquered with 3555(Acrylic), 3483(Acrylic), 7584(PVDF)
Flammability DIN75200,B1,B2,M2,NFPA701
Cd%, Pd%, As%, Ba%, Cr%, Hg%, Se% EN71-3:

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3m, 3.2m