Product Description

Air egress printable car wraps that offer, medium term outdoor durability, suitable for solvent ink digital printing, that comprises of glossy white polymeric vinyl face with grey adhesive and a clay coated craft textured release paper.


  • 80micron soft polymeric film
  • Air egress, Bubble free
  • 3-5 years polymeric vinyl film
  • Grey adhesive, excellent light block ability
  • CCK textured paper, no curl in printing
  • Excellent adhesion ability for uneven and arched surfaces
  • Soft vinyl film, suitable for indented surface
  • Special PVC film for solvent/ECO digital printing, screen printing, UV and Latex
data sheet



Vinyl Thickness Liner Width Length
80 micron 140g/m2 CCK textured paper 1.37m/1.52m 50m


HK111G vinyls are manufactured to suit the following areas:

    • Vehicle, bus or truck bodies and signage graphics
    • Other flat substrates such as foam board, acrylic, polycarbonate surface
    • Can be laminated with over-lamination film


NOT recommended for the following applications:

      • Contaminated Substances/Surfaces
      • Lacquered or painted surfaces freshly

Key Features

Temperature Ranges Minimum operating temperature: >9°C
Service temperature range: – 25°C to~ 70°C
Shelf Life 2 year in material’s original packaging, storage temperature of 15-22 deg C, relative humidity of 50