Industrial Flatbed Plotter Cutter

free movement speed up to 30/60/90 m/min!


Specific features

The machine is designed with an extremely strong steel frame at its core. This gives it the strength to take advantage of the specially designed vacuum chamber table produced from precision milled profiles with an aluminium coating, and provides for an extremely flat and stable vacuum table. To protect the table and for a long service life, the machine is also equipped with a foam PVC sacrificial layer and a special coated cutting pad for improved tool life. The powerful stable beam (gantry) of the big cutter series reduces vibrations and ensures the longest possible tool life and highest quality cut.

BIGZEE CUTTER tool set includes:

Model PR (Precision)

The Model PR (Precision) flatbed cutting machine is assembled on a rigid stable frame made of 5mm steel and manufactured in a unique way.

The horizontal movement speed can reach up to 30 meters per minute because of high-precision stepper motors along the X-Y axes. The gear reduction carries out movement on a helical gear rack of the highest accuracy class. The Z-axis is equipped with a ball screw and a Japanese Panasonic servo motor. There is also an electromagnetic brake on the Z axis so the module does not lower after the machine is turned off. Each machine is equipped with a vacuum clamping material, the power of which depends on the size of the working field and is presented in the table below.

The basic version of the machine has one Universal Module (UM) into which any tool manufactured by BIGZEE is installed, rotation is carried out by a Japanese Panasonic servo motor (A-axis). Base also includes a Tangential tool designed for fast cutting of materials up to 5 mm thick.

The machine is made in such a way that you completely devote yourself to work and do not waste time on settings. For this, we have developed a self-diagnostic system and a function for auto-aligning the beam when the machine is turned on. It is possible to connect to the machine via the Internet remotely for service diagnostics, software updates and settings.

The cutter is  controlled entirely from a computer using programs in English.

The work area has a special 10mm PVC coating (sacrificial table) for ease of use with a cutter and protection of the main tabletop is made of aircraft aluminum. When working with a tool with a blade, a special blown, rubberized Cutting Pad (4mm), manufactured in Germany, is placed on top. This ensures long-term and high-quality working of the cutting tool.

The electronics are specially selected for this machine model – the main control boards are designed and created by us.  German cables are used for with maximum flexibility and laser crosshairs ensure easy positioning in the X Y plane.

Additional options and tools are added depending on your applications.

Model HS (High Speed)

The Model HS (High Speed) is an improved version of the PR model, with the same accuracy, but the speed in the X Y axis is up to 90 meters per minute enabled by Japanese Panasonic servo motors along the X and Y axes. Japanese precision planetary gearboxes and a system for stabilizing movement along toothed racks are also installed.

We also complete this version with an Aspiration brush and a pipeline on a high holder for free, provided you purchase a spindle.

Steel frame (monolithic frame) provides rigidity and an accurate table horizon under any load and removes the vibration of the machine during the operation. Vibropods form the foundation of the machine and are created using special steel processing technologies. Landing pads for rails are selected on high-precision German equipment. This cutter is a complete milling machine.

PANASONIC servomotors In contrast to stepper motors, these use a different operating principle which allows high processing accuracy and repeatability. The main advantage of Panasonic servo drives are the traditional Japanese reliability and accuracy. (In HS model base)

Shimpo planetary gearboxes  Replacing a gear reduction with a planetary one increases the efficiency and power density at high load and does not require maintenance during the operation. (In the HS model base)

Electromagnetic brake on Z axis for servomotors which prevents the head block from dropping when the machine is off.

Cables are made in Germany and offer the highest degree of flexibility  in a special sheath that prevents abrasion and damage. Dustproof, flexible cable ducts.

Auto-align beam ensures that if the beam or spindle is moved in an off state, the beam will auto-aligns when the machine is turned on and authorised.

Automatic STOP there are feet on the moving parts of the machine that, when triggered, the machine automatically stops.

Toothed racks, guide rails and ball screws from the world’s best manufacturers ensure the highest quality components.

Computer stand – Convenient mobile stand for a personal computer, with a compartment for storing tools

Transport wheels to easily move the machine in the room at the time of installation and when required in future

Upgrade motors and reduction:

 Servo motors Panasonic made in Japan, provide fast high-precision movement in X1, X2, Y axes

Planetary gearboxes made in Japan, replace the gear reduction, increasing the torque and eliminating service of this unit.

Motion stabilization system movement along the rack. Provides smooth movement and prevents gear and rack wear.

Contour cutting system BIGZEE Vision

The professional contour cutting system is a turnkey solution using technical vision, and includes a colour video camera, licenced software, and distortion correction.

The more markers that are applied to the image, the more accurately the material will be cut. Ease of use and intuitive software accelerate the work processes and eliminate operator errors.

Vacuum clamp:

The clamp is necessary for fixing the material on the working field and preventing its displacement under lateral loads (horizontally)

The number of motors is selected depending on the size of the working field

Vortex vacuum pumps (380volt 3phase):

Holds plastics, acrylics, composites, flexible sheet materials well.

Air-permeable fabrics are covered with foil and perfectly nestle, even in several layers.

Installing the Spindle Motor

The milling module takes the machine to the next level

and allows you to process vast amounts of materials.

1.4 kW HSD (Italy) 24000 rpm, E20,

              air cooling by impeller

2.2 kW HSD (Italy) 24000 rpm, E25,

              air cooling fan

Together with the spindle, an Automatic

tool stick measuring system “Smart nose”

allows you to determine the position of the cutter tip after


Chip removal system:

 Suction hood for electric spindle with pipe for collecting chips.

The vacuum cleaner is not included, but there are two solutions:

  • German vacuum cleaner Festool e36
  • Budgetary solution consisting of a cyclone system with a tank for collecting shavings and any construction vacuum cleaner for 1500-2000W

Tool cooling system:

– Spray with tank and liquid level display

– System Intelect “Coolant liquid” moves only when the cutter comes into contact with the material, the feed is turned off

Coolant spray liquid – essential for metal processing.

Quick change tools BigZee Cutter

Tangential instrument for (UM/VUM):

Conventional knife for materials thinner than 5 mm allows cutting at high speed:

Paper, various types of cardboard, plastic, PVC, films, vinyl, rubber, etc.



Oscillating instrument (EOT) for (UM/VUM):

– Electric Oscillating Tool (EOT 1.0mm) – 1 mm vibration stroke

  Any corrugated board, foam board, fabrics, rubbers, carbon fiber, prepreg, vinyl,

  polypropylene, genuine leather, etc.

– Electric Oscillating Tool (EOT 4.0mm) – 4 mm vibration stroke

  Technical pads, rubber, many layers of fabrics, rugs, thick felt,

  thick EVA foam, thick polystyrene, etc.

– Electric Oscillating Tool (EOT 6.0mm) – 6 mm vibration stroke

  Reinforced graphite, technical gaskets.

Rotary instrument (DRT) for (UM/VUM):

Circular knife with a rotation speed of 10.000 rpm

Allows to cut at high speed. Designed for fabrics and thin soft sheet materials.

Please note that the thicker the material, the greater the turning radius of the circular cutter!




Creasing tool for (UM/VUM):

Tool with 3 D50 mm scoring wheels of various profiles. Magnetic

Allows you to create fold lines on cardboard and soft plastic

We will produce your wheel profile (on request)

Perforation Wheel – Creasing Tool Mounting Kit

Machine control systems and SOFTWARE

The machine is controlled by a computer directly through Professional  scalable controller BPCS (BIGZEE Professional Control System).

  Distinctive features of the software interface are:

– Self-diagnosis before starting work

– Software function of automatic beam alignment when turning on the machine

– Automatic complete diagnostics of the machine when turned on

– Remote diagnostics of machine operation via the Internet by our service engineers

– Command line for entering commands

– Run a file from any line

– Displaying G-Code during operation, checking G-Code, editing G-Code

– Works with G2, G3 codes using circular interpolation

– Intuitive, user-friendly interface

– Choice of speeds and accelerations

– Modern convenient control with a wireless keyboard


The BIGZEE machine is connected to a computer using a communication cable (5 meters).

Files are accepted in G-Code format.

The preparation of files and their translation into G-Code is carried out using the following programmes:

Enroute 6 is a very clear and convenient program for converting vector drawings into Control Programs. It is used for 2d cutting of sheet materials. (accepts all popular file formats with vector drawings * .ai, * .dwg, * .dxf, * .eps, *. plt and many others)


With SMART PRINT & CUT software you can get your printer and flatbed plotter working perfectly. Using this software saves the operator time preparing the file for cutting and reduces waste.
SMART PRINT & CUT is a cutting plotter file preparation software designed specifically for users of large format printers. From PDF pre-check, layout, printing and finishing to perfect cutting. SMART PRINT & CUT modernizes the entire process of printing and cutting materials.
This is the perfect solution for making promotional materials!

Layout of files in the most optimal way and an optimized cutting pattern save material and significantly reduce production time.