Intamarket has announced the launch of its Chemica Heat Transfers for textiles. Chemica Products are Oeko Tex standard 100 certified, meaning they free of harmful chemicals and safe for human use.

A wide range of products and colours are available for more versatile, creative and innovative textile personalisation.


Bling-Bling Mirror

The heat transfer film has a super glossy mirror effect, fully in line with the latest fashion trends. It is a glossy metallic flex for fashion accessories personalisation.

Bling-Bling Star 

This is a sparkling flex for fashion garments and soft accessories personalisation, also offering an overlapping feature for even more applications.


This is a resistant and very comfortable product for classic and professional garments personalisations. Hotmark is a super thin PU with semi-matte finish offering a large choice of colours and a great washing resistance.

Hotmark Revolution 

Hotmark Revolution is a very thin PU with a semi-matte finish and a soft-touch eveloped to allow universal applications.

Hotmark Sir 

Hotmark Sir allows users to personalise sublimated polyesters or dark coloured textiles without any inks migration. It is highly recommended for sport sublimated polyester, especially sportswear garments including junior clothing.

Metallic Holographic

Metallic Holographic is a PU film with a super glossy metallic look. It is recommended for adding decorative details to fashion and home decoration accessories.



Clearprint is a very thin and glossy transparent media that allows perfect integration of specific designs such as watercolor creations, without using a tape. It is ideal for white and light coloured textiles.

Clearprint Matte 

Clearprint Matte is a very thin and matte transparent media that allows integration of specific designs such as watercolour creations, without using a tape.


Glitterprint is a printable PU media with smalls flakes offering a smooth touch with a final glittering effect.


Hotmarkprint is the best solution to print small and detailed design as well as pictures with a high resolution. It is adapted for very small letters and detailed design production.

Hotmarkprint Nylon

This is the most adapted printable media for repellent-treated textiles such as nylon, ensuring high print resolution of pictures and designs.

Hotmarkprint Revolution

The Hotmarkprint Revolution is a universal printable media designed for multi-support printing needs. This resistant media allows users to print any design easily and quickly on any textile support.

Hotmarkprint Sir

Hotmarkprint Sir allows users to personalise sublimated polyesters or dark coloured textiles without any ink migration. It is ideal for sport numbers and names production.


Metalprint is a printable PU media, developed to give a final glossy metallic look to fashion and sportswear garments and accessories. It is suitable for light and dark coloured textiles.

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