ReSPR Technology does what no normal purification system can to continuously control fine air particles, airborne bacteria, VOCs and surface pathogens – safely & cost-effectively

Pathogen tests – Reduce up to 99.99% of mold, fungi, bacteria and viruses.  



ReSPR actively reaches out & disinfects contaminated air & hidden surfaces (unlike normal purification systems)

Filter-Free & Chemical-Free

ReSPR does not require filter changes and also eliminates the need for masking & cleansing chemicals



It’s safe, and eco-friendly, using processes found in nature


Low Energy & Maintenance

It uses little power and needs negligible upkeep

New Ideas Proven In Space


ReSPR was developed for use in space stations, the most challenging indoor environment


Proven Worldwide

ReSPR is used daily inside businesses across all industrial & commercial sectors, giving amazing, continuous results

 ReSPR Technology  is Active, Not Passive

The unique system reaches out to disinfect air particles and surfaces without the need to worry about incoming air or air exchange rates

Traditional Purification Systems
(filters, uv, ionization, wet scrubs)


ReSPR Air/Surface Purification


The ReSPR Indoor Difference Traditional
Reduces particles under 0.3μm +  
Destroys 99.99% of pathogens & VOCs +  
Acts on surfaces +  
Eliminates stubborn odors +  


Our revolutionary and unique technology uses up to 5 natural processes to recreate natural air conditions, indoors.


  • Creates the same oxidation and ionization as naturally occurring sunlight, using UV light as a source of energy for our Natural Catalytic Conversion process.
  • Combines these ionizing properties with photocatalytic reactions of specific rare and noble metals.
  • Proactively sends out friendly oxidants to decontaminate all air & surfaces in a room (unlike other systems that rely on air to passively move through filters).

Plug and Play units:

Just find a power point and you are ready. –

  • Filterless
  • Low maintenance
  • No downtime
  • Chemical free


Typical installation In-Duct Units:

Air Handling Units:


Based On Research By Nasa

ReSPR was developed for space missions to control ethylene gas, the natural aging & ripening accelerator emitted by plants that is highly damaging to them in enclosed spaces. The tiny particle size of the gas (below 0.3µm) meant that no existing filter could control it, apart from ReSPR of course.

Evaluation of a Continuous Decontamination Technology in an Intensive Care Unit

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