Stratojet Innovation

Pure. Professional. Performance.

Why Stratojet?

Total cost of ownership

All Stratojets are manufactured with the finest components and can compete with higher priced well-established equipment brands with substantially lower financial outlay.  They are designed to be robust, energy-efficient and reliable, with low cost of maintenance due to the availability of lower priced OE spares and components which enables our customers to fit replaceable spare parts.


StratoJet is a Boutique Manufacturer, creating hand-built super structures using the world’s most reliable components and loaded with our automated features; not plastic printers on an assembly line.


Our Inks, Materials, Research & Development and build processes are all done with the Environment in mind.


Since 1996, StratoJet has built a reputation as a Formidable and Unique Technology Development Company and Boutique Manufacturer to produce our own innovative and cutting-edge Printers.

Remote Tech

StratoJet is the ONLY Manufacturer that can access and fix 95%+ of all issues without a technician standing at your printer.

White Ink Parking

Ability to turn off and back on the White Ink on the printer within seconds, not hours, to protect the print head.

Best Sourced Parts

Durable printers built with the highest quality components – Field Tested, Hand Selected.

Industry Experience

We have been developing Large Format Print Technology since 1995 – the longest run in the Industry.

Eco Friendly

The Lowest VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) and Ink toxins in the Industry – better for the Environment and more durable.

Colour Customisation

Corporate PMS (Pantone Matching System) colours that are custom mixed to specifications.

Stratojet Quality

Nothing says Quality more than buying from a Boutique Manufacturer! StratoJet hand builds all its printers and not at some third-party plastic printer assembly line!

Stratojet Innovation

Here’s just an example that NO other printer offers

  • It took over two years just to engineer our Super Frame with “smart metals” just to absorb micro vibrations that are found in all printers
  • Each Print Head has its own temp controller, pressure controller, purge button and an Auto-Hight sensor to avoid head strikes
  • Use up to 3 sets of CMYK to print 40+ 4×8 boards an hour
  • Our CMYK system can achieve over 20% more color gamut than other printers
  • Print up to 13 colors for an even bigger separation of capabilities over your competitors
  • You tell us what you need now, and we assemble what you need and still upgradable later at your location

Stratojet Inks

It’s not about how inexpensive the Inks are, it’s about how efficiently Inks are used

  • No 24/7/365 Purging
  • Purge individual Print Heads
  • Permanent UV lamps and Print Heads
  • Bulk Ink system that’s NOT sourced from the “Big Three”
  • Use the same Inks in all UV printers, no need for multiple sets

Statojet print speed

1. We are the Fastest printer in our segment; period! Referring to the mechanical print speed of the printer
2. Our printers take less time to set up to be ready to print correctly. By automating a lot of the procedures that other printers require you to do manually, your operator will spend less time getting the printer to print correctly
If you buy a StratoJet, you get both!

Less downtime

StratoJet has the ONLY system in the Industry that can access 100% of your printers functionality remotely

  • Over 95% of all issues are software related and do not require a tech to stand in front of the printer
  • No need for a visit and most things are resolved in hours not days
  • If there’s a hardware issues, StratoJet Techs are on-site within 24-48 with the part and have already identified the issue
  • They are fixing the printer when they arrive, not needing to diagnose, speak with the manufacturer, order parts and then come back
  • StratoJet techs work solely on our printers, they know them better than 20 independent techs combined and with the sole purpose of helping you to make money